VTuber Magazine Covers

It’s a little-known fact, but I once tried to pursue a career in journalism. Inspired by my waifu at the time, Kazumi Asakura from the series Negima?! I ran a few blogs to try writing different journalistic styles and took classes in writing for journalism. I didn’t expect to go anywhere with that so I let the idea die out. Ironically, I now have a job in media where I’m sometimes tasked with editing news articles and even going on-air to present the news myself, soon I might even be spending some time in the field gathering news from a van.

asakura kazumi mahou sensei negima | konachan.com - Konachan.com Anime  Wallpapers
Kazumi Asakura from the manga and anime series Negima?! (2003-2012)

Due to my career path shifting back towards media, I recently got the itch to practice my photo editing skills in a style inspired by a form of journalism, magazine covers. While I never got into reading magazines much myself, I was always interested in how the covers were made, both as a photographer and as a model myself. It seemed interesting to me how they were composed to stand out to anyone walking by them in a store. So naturally, I decided to try my hand at composing some covers with a slight twist. Instead of taking pictures of myself in cosplay, I figured why not incorporate VTubers? Currently, VTuber journalism has been limited to a small number of YouTube channels, but until now I’ve never seen a magazine put a VTuber on the front page. So I got to work using the 3d model I recently transitioned to and put out a fake magazine cover for the Easter holiday.

Magazine cover showing Chisame’s Easter avatar.

While I’m certainly not a star VTuber by any means, every headline mentioned on the fake cover is one I plan to write on this website in the near future. Which gave me an idea. In addition to my YouTube videos, I could advertise my content through more covers like this one as they are a fun way to practice my skills as an editor and marketer. I also felt like there was potential for memes in this format, after all even if people like me don’t buy magazines, we still get attracted to the covers made by tabloids trying to expose something about celebrities.

Tabloid-style magazine cover claiming to expose Chisame as a human pretending to be a cat-gril.

Ironically, when I got the idea of making a cover claiming to expose myself as a human instead of the cat-girl that many know me as, I had not considered the lore implications it would have. Nonetheless, it certainly is a funny way to poke fun at the reality of being a VTuber.Perhaps, I will write up an article to go along with it for good measure.

Magazine cover inspired by weekly cosplay magazines.

Memes aside, doing these covers is a great opportunity for me to practice compositing multiple photos together. Good background images are hard to find when searching through stock photography databases. In my opinion and experience, most images and videos uploaded to stock footage libraries are unusable. The angles are never what you envision using and they often have unwanted extras. Whenever I can, I try to take my own photos of places I go to that I may want to revisit for photoshoots or filming. In this last cover, inspired by cosplay magazines, I edited a photo I had taken of a hallway in the Los Angeles Convention Center where anime, comic, and video game conventions are held annually. A place that is familiar to many in the western cosplay scene. Then I composited an image of VTuber model I recently made over it. Although it is fun to make these covers using my own models, I want to use covers like these to showcase other VTubers as well, whether it be as a meme like the cover exposing myself, a fashion magazine style, or any other magazine genre.